Top 5 Best Free Email Marketing Tools

If social media is the fun and unpredictable uncle of the marketing family, then email is an old, reliable grandparent. Sure, it might not be as cool, but it has been proven effective and addresses a very important need.

No matter what hot, new marketing trend surfaces, email continues to be one of the most targeted and valuable channels if you know how to use it. But a lot of email marketers sort of stumble into the field, which makes it crucial to know where to find all the help you need for success.


While Litmus offers some outstanding features on their paid plans, they also provide free email tools that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Email marketers tend to keep their own inboxes pretty full, looking for cool ideas. With Scope, not only can you review and share desktop and mobile previews of your own emails, but you can also take an email you’ve received and use the Code Inspector tool to look behind the scenes and see how they pulled it off.

Subject Line Checker

Email marketing experts love to talk about the best subject line character length. But really, it all depends on your audience and what client or device they’re using. Subject Line Checker allows you to see exactly how the subject will appear to different users so you can know your limits. Brevity for the win!

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MailChimp also offers paid plans as an ESP, but its free service contains some pretty useful features too.

Subject Line Researcher

With a user base of more than 7 million, MailChimp has gained great insight into what works and what doesn’t. This tool allows you to plug in key words or phrases you’re considering for a subject line and see how well they performed for other users. People helping people. This is how the world is supposed to work.

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Constant Contact

Perhaps the most popular of Mailchimp alternatives, Constant Contact is a great email marketing platform for small businesses. The pricing is very flexible, and it’s based on how many contacts you email. Pricing starts at $15/month for up to 500 contacts and goes up from there.

What Makes It Special: Constant Contact not only markets themselves as a solution for small business, they really deliver. They offer many, many ways for small businesses to learn about email marketing and how to use Constant Contact. Their educational resources include live and on-demand webinars, as well as live classes – day-long courses on how to use the software, held in multiple locations across North America. In addition, they work hard to make putting together emails really intuitive. One of the most interesting things they do is break their 400+ templates into industry and function.

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AWeber is an email solution for small business marketers who don’t have a lot of time to spend on their email marketing campaigns. Their pricing plans start at $19/mo for up to 500 contacts.

What Makes It Special: AWeber works really hard to live up to their claim of being the best solution for time-strapped email marketers, as I mentioned. One of the greatest ways they do this is by offering 700+ templates. This huge library of templates means you’re pretty unlikely to have to do much customization. Pretty awesome. Oh, also, they offer up to 4 split tests at one time! Major brownie points.

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Emma is a modern email marketing system, with a pricing model that starts at $30/month for 1000 emails.

What Makes It Special: There are actually a number of factors that make Emma a great solution to consider for your small business:

  • Emma can help you create truly beautiful emails. Their 40 templates really stand out among all the email marketing services. And when they custom design a template for you, it looks  very professional.
  • Perhaps even better, Emma’s reporting features are pretty stellar. Emma not only has easy-to-read reports, Emma actually makes it easy for you to pull out actionable data from the reports.
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