Popular E-Commerce Sites in Malaysia

Do take note that some notable names such as Parkson Online, Trosworld, Bubucaca. PostMe, AirAsiaMegastore etc. are missing from this compilation as their Alexa rankings are marginally below their competitors in respective segment. However, some of the sites above might continue to grow and we shall observe them again in the near future.

Online Classified


  Alexa #     Brand  
9 Mudah.my
251   OLX.com.my


Alright, online classified is NOT an e-commerce site contrary to popular belief here, whereas an e-commerce site needs to at least facilitate online payment. Nevertheless, it compliments the e-commerce ecosystem and perhaps the heavyweight Mudah.my might venture into EC business in the future, who knows?

International Sites

  Alexa #     EC Site / Brand  
8 Amazon
36 Taobao
39 eBay
63 Alibaba
160 Tmall.com
403 Etsy


International sites here means merchants, operation, fulfillment are mainly overseas. Amazon is officially the #1 e-commerce site in Malaysia, it is even more scarier (to local businesses) if they are able to provide free shipping to Malaysia. The same goes to Taobao whereas the impact has been seen in Taiwan already.

Online Marketplace

  Alexa #     EC Site / Brand  
16 Lelong.my
90 eBay Malaysia
227 Qoo10
377 Youbeli
510 Rakuten
1407 Easy.my


The list above consists of C2C, B2C, B2B2C marketplaces, with Lelong.my being the undisputed #1 local e-commerce site. Foreign companies like eBay, Qoo10, Rakuten have setup local site and operation in recent years.

B2C / Specialty Store

  Alexa #     EC Site / Brand  
96 Lazada
113 Zalora
205 ipmart.com
331 Dell.com
393 Superbuy
499 MobileMegaMall
615 ThePopLook
705 HiShop.my
989 MPH Online
1300 ShaShinKi
1772 FashionValet


This is a crowded segment dominated by Rocket Internet’s Lazada and Zalora. The popular e-commerce verticals here are consumer electronics and fashion.

Ticketing / Travel


  Alexa #     EC Site / Brand  
28 AirAsia
65 Agoda
107   Golden Screen Cinemas
116 Malaysia Airlines
127 Booking.com
186 Expedia.com.my
241 TGV Cinemas
398 AsiaRooms


The first wave of e-commerce uptake in Malaysia masterminded by AirAsia. “Everyone can fly” and people start paying online using credit card. Travel & movie ticketing is a big, big segment with huge online transactions going on.

Deal Sites

  Alexa #     EC Site / Brand  
60 Groupon.my
184 MyDEAL
239 LivingSocial
339 Dealmates
406 StreetDeal.my
489 MilkADeal

The second wave of e-commerce uptake (aka Groupon clones craze) in Malaysia led by Groupon, LivingSocial and gang, with probably more than 100 deal sites have gone into deadpool since then. Also, it will be debatable to include Dealmates in this segment as it is shifting to flash sales model.

Luxury Shopping

  Alexa #     EC Site / Brand  
417 MySale
1376 Reebonz
3834 Haute Avenue

Luxury shopping also known as exclusive shopping club spearheaded by Singapore’s Reebonz, and since has been joined in the fold by other competitors.

Lifestyle Shopping


  Alexa #     EC Site / Brand  
1453 White.my
2860 DSYR
4712 Kwerkee


A relative new segment in which most are inspired by Fab.com. Another Singapore-based site, HipVan is also venturing into Malaysia at the time of writing.

Online Grocery


  Alexa #     EC Site / Brand  
977   Tesco Online Shopping
16825 Doorstep
18988 Presto

An used to be quiet segment has recently been revived by Tesco’s launching of online shopping. The other players have to focus on their own niche such as B2B, imported goods etc.

Online Food Delivery


  Alexa #     EC Site / Brand  
3639 Foodpanda
12339   Room Service Deliveries

We are not sure why but until today, pizza is still the first thing that came to mind when ordering food online, even with the existence of online food delivery aggregators above. Not surprisingly, Domino’s Pizza (Alexa #: 718) and Pizza Hut Delivery (Alexa #: 2910) are both arguably more popular than the aggregators.

Penny Auction

  Alexa #     EC Site / Brand  
1221 Sold.my
4117 Chika Pow Wow
5743 PennyAuction
6634 uBid.my

This is a sensitive segment in which sometimes it is related to scam, albeit not all sites are scammers though. If you are not sure on how penny auction work, read this.

Who are behind those e-commerce sites?

Do you know that some of the sites are either founded by the same team, backed by the same company, or joint ventures with others? You can find out from the visual below who are behind those familiar brands and how they are related.